About Us

Medic-Air Specializes in Patient Care Products

Jolene Capparelle – CEO

I was born in California but grew up in Arizona. I am married to the love of my life, Frank, who makes me smile every day. Our lives include our three beautiful daughters, Nicole, Erica, and Mia and our foster son, Alex. Besides spending time with my family, I love hiking, reading, and researching my families genealogy. Currently I have over 25,000 relatives in my family tree, with supporting historical documents. To further preserve our family legacy, I self-published a 350-page Cookbook that includes our pictures, stories, and our history.  

How I started in the health care industry:

In 2008, I was caring for my Grandmother who had dementia and a severe case of urinary incontinence. She woke each morning soaked to her hairline. My heart was raw from watching her struggle with this issue. A friend told me about Comfort Plus. I called them and ordered a case of Tranquility Overnight pull-ups. Grandma wore one that night and the next day everything was DRY! Grandma could finally start her day with dignity. Eventually, Grandma moved to an assisted living home and my youngest child went to school. I was so impressed with Comfort Plus that I ended up becoming an independent distributor of their products for 8 years. I LOVED everything about the health care industry.  Most of all, the of joy helping other families improve their quality of life.


We sold our home and business in Arizona and moved to California. It was time to look for our next adventure. Medic-Air was a perfect fit for Frank and I. It takes me back to the industry I love, and it allows Frank and I to combine our skillset to help those in need by providing the best medical equipment rental service available. 

Frank Capparelle Jr – CFO

When Frank isn’t helping people getting quality medical equipment, he enjoys walking on the beach with his dogs and classic cars.

About Us

Medic-Air began in 1994 as Durable Medical Equipment Rental company with its primary focus on wound care. Our approach is to provide a full range of innovative products that address a variety of caregiver and patient needs in the acute care, long-term care, and home-care settings. Medic-Air is a Medicare and Medi-Cal provider and has been Accredited by Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation.

  • Rent Durable Medical Equipment

  • Equipment is delivered cleaned, sanitized.